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A Few Words About Compass 

Company Foundation

A new company started in minds in 2012, after hours and days of creative planning, Compass came to reality at the beginning of 2015.

What we do

COMPASS provides reliable source solutions for analytical laboratories in the pharmaceutical, food and flavor, environmental, forensic and research fields.

Also, we provide a wide range of maintenance, calibration and validation programs for your HPLC, GC, MS, IR, AA, UV and other systems.

These services are handled with qualified team, ready to support at any time.

Strategy & Vision

Vision statement

Leadership in providing laboratory services and technical solutions.

Mission statement

By building a professional team, contact with outside specialists for advanced needs, applying high quality policies, good management, and perfect contact with the customer needs; we will reach our goals and satisfies our clients.


Time management, ethical values, team working, Commitment in appointments.

What People Say About Us

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Michael DoeFashion Designer


Our team is always looking for creative solutions, develop their knowledge and skills, and they can face any difficult situations due to their problem-solving capabilities.

We have “ready to support team” contacting with the customers and satisfy their needs.